Favorite Broccoli-Potato Soup

Brrr… Fall weather has officially been given the boot. It is just plain cold around here! Outside may be gloomy and gray, but that is simply all the more reason to cozy up with a warm, hearty soup.

Yummy, dairy-free soups can be difficult to come by. But this recipe yields the perfect soup, without all the heavy cream, milk, etc! As I’m sure you know, with an Itty Bitty Foodie the first bite is everything. If you even dare feed them something with even the slightest bitter taste, goodbye any chance of conning them into healthy eating again. You mine as well throw out the spoon that “poison” was fed to them with, the bowl it was contained in, and heck just toss out the whole high chair. So much will power in a tiny body?! Maybe your child isn’t as dramatic as mine, but truly the first bite dictates a happy fully satisfied belly, or a tantrum and scramble to prepare yet another meal. That being said… This broccoli soup will allow you to keep your spoon, bowl, and chair. We all gobbled it up within minutes and my son had not only seconds, but thirds and fourths.

It is simply healthy, and simply delicious.



This recipe was inspired by altering this recipe.

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