Orange Cauliflower

I’ll be honest, well over a year ago when we decided to start transitioning to a vegetarian/vegan diet, I had a hard time getting David on board. After all, taking meat out of the equation meant we needed to change nearly every single one of our staple meals. Until I gave it up, I didn’t realize just how much meat I ate in a day. Let’s be honest, its not abnormal to have meat at every single meal. So removing the meat from our diet meant not only hunting down completely new meals to add into the rotation, but also finding delicious substitutes for old-meaty foods that were yummy enough to convert David.

One of David’s favorite meals was orange chicken with rice. Delicious right. After multiple attempts, I have finally perfected a perfect substitute: Orange Cauliflower! I want to be clear that this isn’t the healthiest recipe on this site, but man is it yummy. And hello! It has cauliflower…



We often balance out the sweetness by also serving this dish with steamed vegetables. I hope you love this as much as we do!


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  1. by Michelle Jensen on August 15, 2016  3:07 pm Reply

    Ooh, this sounds yummy! We love orange chicken as well. I'll have to try this healthier alternative. Thanks!

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