Stawberry Roll-Up

Last week was Dru’s second birthday. SECOND birthday, he’s been alive TWO years?! Oh my heart♥, I was tearing up at every little thing last week. The moments really are just so brief, but so perfectly beautiful. I’ve said it before, but rocking my Dru to sleep tonight all I could think is… I’m going to miss you. Tomorrow he’ll be a little bigger and I’ll blink and another month will pass. The day may come when he no longer gives me 10 sweet goodnight kisses before snuggling up on my chest, only to pop his head back up for one more. Maybe when he is bigger he won’t stop in the middle of playing to sweetly grin at me and wave— just to check-in with his #1 gal. I can’t seem to soak in enough of his sweetness, I sure will miss him♥.

Dru TWO animals

Yesterday we had a party to celebrate a pretty magical second year of life. I wanted everything at the party to be delicious (duh), but also Dru-diet-approved—it is his party after all, he should be able to eat anything in sight! One of the snacks I whipped up for the party was homemade strawberry roll-ups. You are not going to believe how easy these little babies are. Also, they are incredibly yummy, Dru refers to them as “treat rolls”. This summer I’m going to try every combination of fruit I can get my hands on! The perfect summertime snack. Mmmm…

Roll up

roll up 3

I made a few different batches to experiment with cook time and roll-up texture. Definitely a food dehydrator is best. This is the one I use. It dries the roll-up evenly, and in the shortest amount of time. However, I also made a couple of batches in the oven. They still turn out great, but you have to be a bit more careful to check on them regularly after the 3 hour mark, as the edges seem to get done quicker than the middle. Either you will have some roll-ups that are a tougher texture (the edges of the pan) if you leave it all to cook until the center is done, or you can cut the sides and remove them from the oven as they firm up, and leave the center in a bit longer and have all parts the perfect texture.

roll up 1

The key to this recipe is taking them out of the oven (or dehydrator) when they are the perfect consistency. Bare with me as I try to explain this… You want them to still be sticky to the touch, but you don’t want the mixture to squish when you press it with your finger. Or you could be like me and forget you have a batch in the oven and wind up with some actually quite delectable strawberry jerky! I’m telling you, this recipe is foolproof Laurenproof.



Annnnd because I’m shamelessly obsessed with this Party Animal..

Dru TWO 4

Dru TWO animal 2



It’s hard to believe that this was just one year ago!

dru-at-one dru-cake-smash dru_0022


  1. by Laurel on May 17, 2016  3:24 pm Reply

    We will have to try this recipe with some of our honey next spring.

    • by Lauren Parker on May 18, 2016  8:01 pm Reply

      Yummmm homegrown honey, that would be amazing!

  2. by Michelle on May 17, 2016  11:29 pm Reply

    How fun Lauren! You're seriously the cutest lil momma!

  3. by Michelle J on May 17, 2016  11:34 pm Reply

    Also, I love love love the video you made of Dru's second year! It had me in tears as I've seen how the love and patience you have for Dru has made you even better and stronger. I adore him, you and David!?

  4. by Sunny on May 21, 2016  4:52 am Reply

    You made those prosciutto-looking fruit roll-ups!? Amazing, Lauren! They really were delicious! What a beautiful way to share your story and recipes.

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