Parmesan-Ranch Butternut Squash

July has been nuts. We’ve been traveling all over—living all the life we missed while we were North Dakotan ice cubes during the (8 month) winter. Our most recent adventure was to Chicago where David took his clinical skills board exam. It was a quick trip. It was so quick that we were all a little exhausted on the way home (read: we were giving lazy-parenting the front seat). We stopped for dinner at my favorite place in the entire United States. I was enjoying every bite… buuuut, in order to do so that meant letting Dru sort of police himself. You see where this is going… There was a deep window sill that our table was up against. It wasn’t great manners, but we let Dru sit there after he repeatedly had climbed up and begged to stay. Not the best to not sit in your seat at a restaurant, but lazy parenting was out in full force. Several minutes later, we were enjoying our food so much that we didn’t notice that sitting on the window sill was just not cutting it in the entertainment category. We heard a loud, squeaky, two year old voice proclaim, “I’M A MEAN GUY!!!! DRU’s A MEAN GUY!!!!“.  Fists were pumping in the air, face red and looking heavenward. His body was still fully flexed in a very erect, horizontal, plank position when I swiped him off of the table carrying him under my arm. “Yes. Yes! I heard the pride in his voice as he whispered, congratulating himself on a job well done.


In the spirit of being rebellious… A recipe that is (for the first time) not dairy free. I’ve been pretty open about the fact that I am not a perfect vegan. Beautiful melty cheese, how could I say goodbye forever?! Generally though, I follow a mostly vegan diet. There are tons of reasons that I decided to transition to a vegan-esque diet similar to Dru’s. One of my major motivators is that in a way it’s an experiment to see how I, as a fully grown, active adult, feel on Drus diet. In other words, is eating mainly plants (plus some grains) really sustainable? Ok, yep it definitely is. Which is great… Choosing to make this diet part of our lifestyle has been amazing… HOWEVER, when the cheese calls I must follow. This recipe is TOO good not to share. While we have to modify it to make it Dru approved, I thought I’d give you the most supremely delicious version here!


Ready to bake!


Try it, it’s killer!


  1. by Laurel on July 18, 2016  10:53 pm Reply

    Oh this sounds delish!!

  2. by on September 19, 2017  5:14 am Reply

    We guarantee that these recipes can make any skeptic gain a new appreciation for the delicious decadence vegan food can offer us and perhaps even never look back again!

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