Feel-Good Muffins

Dru and I have been traveling a lot this summer. David has had a ridiculous study schedule so it’s just the two of us having the summer of a lifetime! He sleeps in my bed, which doesn’t normally happen at home. I had forgotten how bonding that is since he hasn’t slept with me since he was a baby. There is something indescribably comforting about his warmth and the way is body rhythmically rises and falls. Just before nodding off he slurs a few last sentences, “nice mommy, nice bed…. Love mommy much, love grandpa, grandma, daddy, frogs much….” His eyes droop and swiftly pop open a few more times until his eyelashes flutter a bit and his warm little body snuggles into my arms and I hold him tightly. I brush my lips over his soft cheeks and every night I briefly tear up at the thought of him being mine. There’s not a better feeling.

David and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary last Saturday. It was wonderful and weird. Weird because it was not your typical 5th anniversary date. Our current budget is taken very seriously although it is not very detailed. Basically, it could be summed up like this: spend as little money as possible at all times. We are both ultra stingy—although thrift stores can really test my commitment to the budget. Why are there such amazing deals in there?? So, since Hawaii will have to wait until our 15th anniversary we decided to make it special in a way that is probably only special to us. We decided we each got to choose to spend money on something we normally wouldn’t. I chose this beautiful/gorgeous/useful leather cross body bag. It’s perfect, I love it, I lean over to smell it anytime I can sneak a whiff. So next it’s David’s turn to treat himself. He chooses… wait for it… think, in 5 years he has probably spent less than $20 on things for himself… this is his big moment… SO… he chooses… a jump rope. For $10. Ok, $9.95. He reeeeeally made the most of our wild night blowing the budget! Dinner and dessert (unheard of, this is a luxury for the rich! An $8 slice of cake?! Pains me.) followed our splurge then we headed home. We talked about our last five years and dreamed together of what the next 5 years would be like. As we snuggled into bed, we decided to read through our love story that I had written in a blog I created as a surprise when we were engaged. Reading through the story and texts I felt a wild rush of feelings like I was taken back to that time. My stomach fluttered remembering how caught off guard I was when he walked into Ochem 351 over 5 years ago. I teared up thinking about the time when on a whim, he told me to step on his feet, as he turned off the lights and we slid on his socks around his kitchen floor while he sang a silly rendition of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” complete with impressive impersonations of Timon and Pumbaa. All of the feelings I have for him welled up inside me, but more intensely than on a normal day. We giggle at how emotional I get thinking of our love. I wipe my few tears inconspicuously by burying my head in his chest and breathing him in. And I just wait there, live in that moment. That’s what a 5 year anniversary should feel like. There’s not a better feeling.


In the spirit of feeling good, here is our new favorite snack/ treat/ lunch(when I’m lazy..). My good friend found an amazing recipe that I made some changes to and had to share with the world! These muffins have apples, coconut, cranberry, carrots and no white sugar! They really are feel-good muffins. We have frozen them, swapped out different kinds of flours, and added bananas (can’t wait to try pumpkin in the fall)—I’m telling you these are robust little guys!




  1. by Ricki Martin on August 20, 2016  3:36 am Reply

    I love this post. I also am excited to try these muffins!

  2. by Michelle Jensen on August 20, 2016  4:40 am Reply

    Oh my word, you're adorable! I love how much you love my brother. He's not a man of many words so when I ask about how things are going, I'll have to remember to ask you bc you're definitely more descriptive. ? Happy 5th anniversary!

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