Carrot “Hotdog”

The other day we had a fly in our house. It was nice outside and the door was left open most of the day. Before I dive into the impact this fly had on our family, I should mention a couple things. First, my husband David loves anything creepy and crawly… That’s probably why he likes me so much. Ha! Kidding-ish, (although on multiple occasions he has asked me to stop when I was “creeping him out too much” while perfecting some of my impressions…) If he spots a snake/lizard/circuit he must catch it. His animal/bug/reptile loving-ness has been completely transferred to Dru. We’re now the people that don’t squish bugs, but rather catch them and set them free to live the rest of their little bug lives roaming the earth. I never thought I’d be the type, BUT the excitement Dru gets seeing a little crawling creature is a little contagious. On more than one occasion we will be walking into a respectable place of business when Dru will spot an ant. Without fail, he abruptly proceeds to get all the way down onto his belly, folds his arms under his chin, and settles in for optimum ant viewing.

Mom holding toddler picture

So the fly has been annoyingly buzzing around the house for a couple of hours when we sit down to eat dinner. We are chatting and eating when all of a sudden the fly lands on Dru’s hand just after he had scooped up a bite. He freezes. Furrows his brow, in a “how dare he interrupt our meal” kind of way. Then as the fly scrambles up to the tip of his knuckle, his face lights up. He looks at David and I and in a high pitched voice, sweetly says, “Really cute guy!” We died. I don’t think I have seen a fly receive such a warm welcome to the dinner table! The fly flew around the rest of the evening. Anytime it landed near Dru he would, with all the sincerity of of his two-year-old heart, proclaim “super good pet!” At this point it is probably unnecessary to mention that the fly’s final days of life were not spent getting chased around with a fly swatter, but instead were spent having little plastic lids of treats and water laid out for him, as the Parker family pet.

It’s funny to think about just how true it is that life is what we make it. A fly can be a mealtime nuisance or an unexpected friend dropping by. Like with most things in life, our feeling toward a situation relies on how we frame it. May your life be happy, and all of the flies you encounter be cute, new pets!

Now that you’re concerned for our foods safety, here’s a recipe!

Vegetarian, carrot "hotdog"

Really truly, you are going to go nuts for these. I’m not exaggerating, these are the best hotdogs I’ve ever had! Technically they are carrot-dogs, BUT even so, I’m telling you, BEST HOTDOG EVER. I was totally shocked at how the texture and taste perfectly mirrored a real hotdog. Seriously, shocked! Shocked to the point that it was a bit annoying to my fellow BBQ-er’s how many times I expressed my shock. They are good. So good! (At this point it seems necessary to mention that I probably haven’t eaten a actual, real, meat hotdog for like… 8 years.) EVEN SO! Trust me! You need to try these healthier, meat-free hotdogs for yourself.

kids love carrot hotdogs

I used this hickory liquid smoke, though I’m sure other flavors would work great as well! I was inspired to make this recipe after reading about carrot dogs, here!


  1. by David Parker on September 23, 2016  12:12 am Reply

    Love this post! And the hot dogs are super real tasting (not that hot dogs are anything real ?).

  2. by Michelle Jensen on September 23, 2016  4:48 am Reply

    Oh my word, love that little munchkin!!! ? He is so adorable! Thanks for sharing that sweet and hilarious experience.

  3. by Katie Merrill on September 23, 2016  2:09 pm Reply

    I loved his response to the little fly! So precious! Those sound, and look, like really yummy and super easy hot dogs!

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