Strawberry Pineapple Popsicles

This post was written a bit over a year ago. It never got posted because of that whole identity theft/catfishing incident… BUT since it’s still hot like summer here and this is still our favorite popsicle recipe–oh and grandpa is still Dru’s BFF, here it is!

How is summer already over?! Something about how busy our summer was (and the fact that it was my first ever that wasn’t spent lounging at the lake for 3 straight months…) made it feel like it never even happened! The last couple weeks we have been visiting family. Dru and his grandpa are best buddies—I mean BEST buddies. He treats Dru like a mature adult… and not at all like the 2-year-old he is. That sounds a little funny, but I really think it’s the special key to their bond. Here’s an example. The other day Dru brought me a joke book he had pulled from the bookshelf. It is basically all words and the jokes are hard to understand. I told him to choose a new one and that was that. Later that night; however, he pulled the same joke book from the shelf and brought it to grandpa to read. He didn’t question his choice of literature, instead opened it and began to read joke after joke. They would pause and he would state, “I don’t really get that one, do you?” Without fail Dru would reply, “Yeah, Grandpa” and they would keep plugging along. They have full conversations together, not simple “Do you like ___ or ___.” But instead, as directly quoted from their nightly convo:

Grandpa: “There is such a thing as a flying squirrel”

Dru: “Yeah.”

Grandpa: “Oh, did you already know about those?”

Dru: “Yeah. I already knew about those, let’s talk about your brain and lungs now.”

Grandpa: “Ok, so the most important thing to know about your brain is……….

On and on they go like this.

The best encounter I witnessed this week was during a strange basketball-like game they had made up. They had a small tub mounted upon a big box. Best I could tell the “players” were required to stand on top of something—anything—and shoot a mini basketball into the tub. I walked in on Dru’s turn. He was standing far from the tub and with some dramatic, exasperated grunts he proved he was giving it his all. The ball left his hands—with a follow through his Dad would be proud of)—only to ricochet off the edge of the tub. Falling to the ground in absolute shame, he yelled out, “DARN IT, KOBE!”

He called upon Kobe—his basketball idol, his spirit animal! But his luck didn’t come through in time… Don’t worry, the game went on, though I think Grandpa won. After all, he treats Dru like a true competitor, not just a toddler.

In the whirlwind of a summer we had, I never got around to posting our favorite summer snack! Darn it, Kobe!! ← That will never get old.  So as a last Hoorah to summer our favorite popsicles! No added sugar and simple ingredients make it a summer staple!





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