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Dru and Estella are at a high risk for a developmental delay because of their organic acidemia. Dru worked with an occupational therapist every single week for three years to make sure he was staying on track. When he was born the neonatologists told us there was a chance Dru would be non-verbal and potentially never develop the motor skills necessary to walk. I read about each upcoming milestone and held my breath that he would show progress. He didn’t smile for four months. FOUR MONTHS. During this time we had an appointment with a pediatric neurologist that suggested testing to see “how atrophied his brain is” because of his metabolic disease. I lost it right there in his office. Brain atrophy, already?! I swooped Dru up from the examination table, held my baby tight to my chest, and hoped that at the very least I would get to see him smile someday.


As it turned out, he was a doctor of very little tact, and luckily, completely wrong about the atrophy. Dru has shown smiles galore since he turned four-ish months, but still, I nervously waited for each milestone to come. As though that was a sign that he was going to be ok.

Walking was a hard one for me. Although Dru showed some early delays due to prematurity, he caught up by the time he turned one. Social media has never been a real friend of mine. I hated scrolling through seeing posts, “look at my happy baby”–meanwhile my child screamed any time his eyes were open for 7 straight months. “My 9-month old is walking #babygenius”–ugh, congrats. His one year birthday came and went and he wasn’t walking. I knew it wasn’t as though you MUST walk by one year of age or all is lost… but I was certainly over antsy to meet that milestone.

From about 6 months until he started walking, I only had him wear Freshly Picked Moccs. There was no way I was going to hold him back by strapping heavy, bulky blocks to his feet. The soft soles of the moccasins gave him the best shot at walking. His little toes could still grip the ground, offering him more balance, while still protecting his feet while we were out. I didn’t want to hold him back in anyway, and that’s what his FP Moccs offered. It was an added bonus that they are as soft, comfortable and cute as any shoe out there.

Around 14 ish months, he finally took his wobbly first steps. Since then he has been running around, crazy! Even after Dru started walking, his moccasins are still our favorite shoes. They are so easy to slip on, they are comfy and protective to travel in, they protect his feet while still letting him climb and explore, and I could go on and on.

Estella just received her first, very pink, pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins. I specifically ordered them in a size that will fit her when she is starting to walk. FP Moccs have been on Dru’s feet during the most important days of our lives, and now I get to slide them onto my little girl’s feet.

Oh, yes! The greatest news of all. This week I will be giving away a brand new pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins to one of my readers. You will love them as much as I do!

Freshly Picked provided me with a new pair—the adorable weathered brown pair that you see in these pictures—in exchange for telling my story as part of their Storyteller Campaign. Although these moccasins were provided to me for no charge, I would only give my true opinion here. So if you didn’t catch it, these are the best shoes ever.

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  1. by Katie Merrill on August 29, 2017  5:24 pm Reply

    Little Estella is getting so big and she looks so happy. :) These little shoes look and sound lovely! My sister is having a baby in the spring. I may just have to tell her about your blog! ;) (She would like the recipes too.)

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