Tomato-Basil Pasta

TB pasta Today really knocked the wind out of me. By this time we have gotten used to abnormal test results for Dru. That truly is all that he has ever had since he was born. And while I am definitely used to it to some extent, today’s results came completely out of left field… no, somewhere much more unexpected, out of the ground.. Ok, lame, confusing metaphor but I’m saying this was just random. Long description short, we monitor Leucine intake like hawks, so while elevated Leucine would be abnormal, and disappointing, it wouldn’t have been totally out of the ground (ya.. I should have just stuck with the original idiom, but at this point I’m just rolling (pun) with it (ah! this really took on a life of its own!) ). So when the Leucine came back as expected, but a brand new amino acid, alanine was 3x the normal value I was… angry. Lab results have become like a report card for me. When Dru’s hemoglobin and ferritin were finally in a normal range, I took that as a personal victory that took almost 1/2 a year of creative supplement giving, some weird consequences.., and stained teeth to accomplish. So the results today were like getting my report card back with an A- in the class I was most worried about, but a straight F in a class that was such a breeze I never had to think about it.

Roll with the punches, right? Man, sometimes its hard to be the one “in charge”.

Tb pasta 3

So tonight I get my favorite dinner. The yummiest pasta without any other (unhealthy) reasons to feel bad today. I love this dish. It’s all the flavors I love the most without any added sugar, or dairy. Best of all, its the perfect vegan dish for my Dru. He can have as much as he wants of it and I can work on improving that F…

TB pasta

The yummy recipe that inspired this dish.

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  1. by MJ on May 10, 2016  2:43 am Reply

    Lauren has made this for me and its divine!

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