Apple Cinnamon Pancakes

Last year when my sister got married, my mom had us write her our favorite thing about being married for her so that she could send my sister the responses on the days leading up to her wedding. The combination of being extra emotional (pregnant), and having ALL of our major life events happen literally in the exact same month this year made for a pretty sappy message—if you’re not into that you may want to keep scrolling… Even now, almost a year later, I still draw comfort in reading my response and I often find myself reflecting on its truthfulness. Anyway, life is crazy, stressful, busy and beautiful and I wanted to have these thoughts preserved in a place that I could access them often. So here goes:

The best thing about being married is that you get to know your husband/wife better than anyone else in this world. That means you can look over during a party and know exactly how they are feeling. You can anticipate their mannerisms and responses to just about every situation. It also means that you feel their pain more deeply than you feel your own sometimes. It means that you live for the moments that you can soak in all of the joy they radiate. You get to see them at their most vulnerable, faced with regrets, worry, or insecurities. You get to see them at their silliest, without any inhibition (… often where the best dance moves are born..) You get to be with them on the best days of their life, during huge accomplishments and exciting news. When all you want to do is jump around and scream together. Their success and their happiness feels so much your own. You also get to be with them on the worst days of their life. Days when they worked so hard, but failed. Days when they feel inadequate, or their sacrifices aren’t recognized. Days when you get bad news, and all you can do is hold each other for dear life. You get to be there, with them through all of that. So when you look at their face at the end of the day, at the end of a year… or years, you see them in such a complete way.

A way that no one else will ever get to see.


Now, if you’ve been looking for a healthier, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan recipe for pancakes–because who isn’t? ;)–I’ve got a great one for you! Full disclosure… these are a much healthier version of your typical pancakes… and they taste healthier.

i’ve made several tweaks to make this a better fit for our family, but the original recipe can be found here.





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  1. by Michelle Jensen on December 21, 2017  7:24 pm Reply

    Oh Lauren, that's so true. Marriage is the hardest thing and the absolute best thing because their pain is your pain and their joy is your joy! I love reading everything you write, so keep it up. You're amazing at everything you do. Seriously everything.
    Love ya.

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