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It’s been a crazy month, a crazy year really. In the month of May, we bought our first house, had our second baby, and moved across the country to Tennessee. In June we tried to find our way back into a routine and establish some sort of normalcy after all of the chaos of May. We didn’t exactly fail, but with all of the house projects and the start of David’s orthopedic surgery residency, June and July have been more of a transitional period, rather than the settling period that I had envisioned.

Residency is 5 years. FIVE. If that doesn’t seem long to you, listen to this: Dru will be 8 years old when we finish. EIGHT. We are only a few weeks in and it has already been a challenge. I definitely knew it was going to be busy, but I didn’t consider how hard it is to explain to a little boy why he doesn’t get to see his dad for the third night in a row. David is up at 4 am and has been coming home between 9 and 10 pm many nights. At the end of week one I was looking in the mirror after I had washed my face and no concealer was there to cover up the purple-ish circles under my eyes. Did I mention that because Estella is at risk for hypoglycemia due to her organic acidemia, for the first year of her life I have been told to do the same thing we did with Dru and set an alarm to wake her every 3 hours around the clock? I looked at myself and had two thoughts, first, I honestly wondered if someone saw me without gobs of concealer on if they would think I had gotten a double punch to the eyes. Second, I looked into my own eyes and said aloud, “can I do this?” I’m so exhausted, it’s hard to explain. After telling someone how I have to wake Estella throughout the night, they told me it’s not so bad because most babies wake multiple times a night to eat. While I know that’s true, it is no doubt easier to swoop up your crying baby in the night soothe, feed and return her to bed than it is to be awakened by the obnoxious alarm under your pillow, only to try for the next 45 minutes to stimulate your tiny babe enough to wake up and eat something–anything! And by the time I do wake her enough to eat, she stays awake after eating because I have been so successful at waking her. By the time she’s back down my alarm has 1 hour until it is set to sound again to start this whole process over. I’m rambling, it’s late, but you get it. My black eyes are battle wounds from 2+ months of this.

After looking in the mirror, having a moment of real self-doubt, I got into bed and started the 3-hour debacle for another night. Around 7:30 in the morning a woke up, not because of an alarm, but because I had two warm, little hands squeezing my cheeks together. I opened my eyes and I saw a blurry outline of Dru’s face, so close to mine that our noses were touching. “Good morning, little sweetie! I had a great night!”  Little sweetie, that’s what I have been referred to as for the last several weeks. I grabbed him and snuggled him close to me and soaked in his sweetness until he wiggled into a sitting position. He grabbed the little trinkets he had brought with him into my room and the two objects in his hands climbed to the top of my head, or in his version, to “school”. Obviously, unable to go back to sleep, I closed my eyes and breathed in the joy, beauty, and resilience of the moment–little boy-ness radiating so effortlessly from him. His little voice narrated the conversation between the two trinkets in his hands as they gladly attended “school” atop my head. I could never wish this time away.Healthy food for kids

Five years is a long time, but I won’t be wishing it would come faster. That would be wishing away the little boy-ness that warms my days. That would be taking for granted the newborn snuggles, and warm plump baby cheeks I get to kiss every 3 hours. When this is all over, when five years have passed, the littleness of my little ones will be gone. I won’t be in any hurry to finish residency, I’ll be savoring every day with my “little sweeties” and my two black eyes.

Green Smoothie recipe

If it wasn’t clear, we are in survival mode most of the time. That means I have not been on the top of my game, cooking healthy, delicious recipes–or even cooking at all. We live on green smoothies around here. It’s my best tool for filling our tummies with tons of greens and fruit, without all the sugar and artificial blah, blah. This smoothie is so good and so good for you. It’s my go-to because 1. it’s easy, 2. it’s filled with goodness, and 3. I have some baby weight to loose and let’s be honest, there is no way I’m making it to the gym anytime soon…

Dru loves “green drink” too. We fill big cups and slurp them up through a straw every morning as we discuss whatever topic has sparked his interest. Every morning the convo starts with, “Mom, tell me all about…” –bears, lungs, Minnesota– we’ve really covered the bases.

This smoothie is as good as the company.


  1. by Laurel on July 19, 2017  12:07 pm Reply

    Beautifully shared

  2. by Michelle Jensen on July 19, 2017  1:29 pm Reply

    What a sweetheart Dru is! You're some of the best parents I know! Estella and Dru are so blessed to have such hard working and loving parents.😘 Thanks for sharing your thoughts and delicious recipes. I've never thought to add those things altogether. I'm excited to try the green drink! Give those babies loves from me!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. by Sarah Beck on July 24, 2017  5:36 pm Reply

    So tough! You are a rock star--doing what you need to do for your kids and family every day. I love how you can be honest and keep perspective at the same time. Lots of love to you and your family!

  4. by Lauren on September 2, 2017  2:06 am Reply

    This looks amazing!!! I will definitely be trying it!!!

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