Go-to Green Drink

Here’s the sad truth… I’m a lazy cook. Majority of the time, I just want something quick and healthy to fill my belly. This green drink takes seconds to make and seconds to clean-up (fellow lazy cooks, rejoice!). Hence, this is our family’s go-to meal/snack everyday. The true beauty of this drink is how versatile it is. Sometimes its a sweet treat after a work out, while other times it serves the purpose of packing a full day’s worth of veggies into sippy cup.

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green drink

I’m sure you can easily see that this recipe is adaptable to your own preferences. Add extra bananas, add more juice, add a different kind of juice, leave out the frozen fruit, etc!

A few last ideas. Adding canned (or fresh) pears gives it the full, fluffy smoothie texture. We also love to add canned peaches in 100% juice. Chia seeds are easily added for extra antioxidant, omega-3’s and fiber.

Try it out, mix it up, and make it your own…. and then come back here and let me know what your favorite combinations or additions are!GReen drink2

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  1. by Ricki Martin on May 3, 2016  3:27 am Reply

    This is fabulous! I can't wait to try some of these recipes. Way to Go!

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