Whether you are looking for a few healthy snack ideas, notice the need for more veggies in your or your child’s diet, or are wanting to cut out meat and other animal products but don’t know where to begin, I think you will find this is a good place to start!

We have found ourselves in an interesting position. We didn’t choose to become vegetarian/vegan for the usual reasons. When our son Dru was born with a rare organic acidemia, we completely changed our lives. In the normal, babies-change-everything way, but also in the wow-our-baby-will-never-eat-meat-we-better-stop-eating-it-at-almost-every-meal kind of way. For Dru, his development, his happiness, his life relies on us providing him with a plant-based, virtually vegan diet.

There’s one more catch. Dru also can’t fast. So not only does his diet need to consist of only fruits, veggies, and some grains, but if he doesn’t feel like eating from those options we don’t have the choice to just let him go hungry. My life truly revolves around feeding my little boy healthy, delicious foods that will keep him growing and thriving. And thus.. Itty-Bitty Foodie was born!

We have learned so much the past two years from some of the most qualified dietitians, endocrinologists, metabolic specialists, and vegetarian/vegan communities. I love to now have a place to compile all of the things we have learned and all of the recipes we love.

Itty-Bitty Foodie is a fun way for me to display my ideas, inspiration and encouragement for plant-based, always vegetarian, often vegan foods, that even the ittiest, bittiest foodies will love. I am so grateful for your support!

Valentines Dru 5