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Favorite Broccoli-Potato Soup
  • Favorite Broccoli-Potato Soup

  • Brrr… Fall weather has officially been given the boot. It is just plain cold around here! Outside may be gloomy and gray, but that is simply all the more reason to cozy up with a warm, hearty soup. Yummy, dairy-free soups can be difficult to come by. But this recipe yields the perfect soup, witho[...]
Tomato-Basil Pasta
  • Tomato-Basil Pasta

  •  Today really knocked the wind out of me. By this time we have gotten used to abnormal test results for Dru. That truly is all that he has ever had since he was born. And while I am definitely used to it to some extent, today's results came completely out of left field... no, somewhere much more une[...]
Go-to Green Drink
  • Go-to Green Drink

  • Here's the sad truth… I'm a lazy cook. Majority of the time, I just want something quick and healthy to fill my belly. This green drink takes seconds to make and seconds to clean-up (fellow lazy cooks, rejoice!). Hence, this is our family's go-to meal/snack everyday. The true beauty of this drink is[...]