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Pulled Sweet Potato Sandwiches
  • Pulled Sweet Potato Sandwiches

  • I've been having a difficult time deciding how I can tie my recipes into the things I want to write about. It's hard to find a way to say that this, this and this is happening... and ta-da a recipe! Then I realized this is my blog, and people can read or not read, and the truth is I really need an o[...]
Chickpea Pitas
  • Chickpea Pitas

  • After hearing about our kids' diet, people are always asking me, "what do they eat??" What this question is really getting at is what the day-to-day meals are that my toddler will actually eat? When mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, and scrambled eggs are off the table, how do you survive?! Our numbe[...]
Meatless Fajitas
  • Meatless Fajitas

  • We hit our family deductible 7 days into our new insurance plan. We have medical bills galore. Rare disease means our kids are seen twice as often by each of their doctors. Each doctor requires their own labs drawn, and diagnostic tests run. For a time, after he turned one, Dru was on a special form[...]